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October 03, 2007

With the support of our students and friends, our “Dance With Love” t-shirt fundraiser has ended with a total sum of $1,213. On October third, this sum was received by program director Anna of FCSN, Friends of Children with Special Needs (see picture). This is the first step of our charity activities for the community. We hope that through linedance, we will be able to gather additional support to bring more charitable activities into our community and benefit people in need.

排舞的健康與熱情, 讓我們深深體會到人生的珍貴與美好, 也激發出更多關懷社會的能量。希望把一份關懷社會大眾的愛心,隨著舞步, 廣為散播。義賣恤衫是我們推動愛心的第一步公益活動,由兩位老師Sue 和 Kathy率先捐出一千元做為愛心基金,在學員們和社會人士的大力支持下,三星期內銷售一空,盈餘共有一千兩百一十三元,全數已在十月三號捐給華人特殊兒童之友(FCSN),由FCSN負責人Anna代表接受 (見照片)。

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