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Dances Taught 2015




*: re-teach

Secret Lies (Pat Stott)

Tick Tock Two (Rachael McEnaney)

When You Wish Upon A Star (Ira Weisburd)

Repeat That Beat (Rob Fowler & Dee Musk)

Our Guy! (Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen)

Rock & Roll King (Rachael McEnaney)

I Just Called To Say (Jennifer Choo Sue Chin)

Cecilia (Willie Brown & Heather Barton)


We Only Live Once (Robbie McGowan Hickie)

Love Stoned (Guyton Mundy, Joey Warren, Heidi Hollan & Megan Olson)

Earned It (Julia Wetzel)

Love Me Like You Do (Ria Vos)

Turn The Beat Around (Rob Fowler & Dee Musk)

Ready For The Good Life (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris)

One More Day (Rachael McEnaney)

Back It Up* (Darren Bailey & Raymond Sarlemijn)

Bubbles Dahhhling (Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen)

Tomorrow Will Be Kinder (Evelyn Khinoo)

Too Blind To See (Ria Vos)

Hard Work (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris)

McMotion (Linda McCormack & Rachael McEnaney)

Uptown Funk (Rob Fowler)

Yes! (Simon Ward & Jo Thompson)



*: re-teach

Wakey Wakey (Scott Blevins)

Little Apple EZ(Winnie Yu)

Coffee Time Samba (Ria Vos)

Uptown Funk EZ  (Mitzi Day)

I Thank You (Michele Perron & Jo Thompson Szymanski)

Modern Romance (Kate Sala)


The Way You Look(Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse & Raymond Sarlemijn)

Hard To Say It! (Niels Poulsen)

Battle Scars (Simon Ward)

Say You Love Me (Jo & John Kinser and Brenda Shatto)

Slave 2 The Rhythm (Fred Whitehouse & Joey Warren)

A Thousand Miles (Karl-Harry Winso)

Showgirl (Rebecca Lee)

What If I (Rhoda Lai)



*: re-teach

Down To The Wire (Julia Wetzel)

Te Amo Roma Bachata (Nina Chen)

Tippy Tippy Toes(José Miguel Belloque Vane, Miquel Menéndez & Christina Boudewijns )

Singalong Song (Ira Weisburd & Mare Sorensen)


Ain't No Angel(Malene Jakobsen & Debbie McLaughlin)

Betty Boop (Simon Ward, Jo Kinser & John Kinser)

My Biscuit (Ria Vos, Craig Bennett & Julie Lockton)

Darling Hold My Hand (Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris)

Through The Fire* ( Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski)

Keep It Burnin'* (John H. Robinson & Craig Bennett)

King Of The World (Hayley Wheatley)

Suite 215! (Ria Vos & Niels Poulsen)

Make It Louder (Ria Vos)

Like A Phoenix (Rhoda Lai)

Take Me To Church (Guyton Mundy & Fred Whitehouse)

Twisted Sister (Guyton Mundy)

Let's Turn It Up (Niels Poulsen)

Tears Of Joy (Karl-Harry Winson)

Run (Scott Blevins)



*: re-teach