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Dances taught
by SnK Line Dance

Hyperlinks to step sheet are not working because of the 

migration to new hosting. Please use Copperknob or websites listed in SnK Links page to find the step sheet you need. Thank you for your understanding.


T, U , V , W

W, X, Y, Z

Take A Bow

Take A Chance On Me

Take It From There

Take Me To Your Heart 

Take Me To Church

Take Me To The River

Take U Home

Talkin To The Moon

Tango Cha 

Tango De Pasion

Tango With The Sheriff

Tango Tonight 

Tchu Tcha

Te Amo Roma Bachata

Teardrops On My Guitar

Tears Of Joy


Tell Him That

Tell Me 'Bout It

Tell The World


Tennessee Shuffle 

Tennessee Waltz Supreme

Tequila Boom 


Thanks A Lot

That Kinda Lovin' 

That Power

That's The Only Way

That's Why You Go Away

The Best Days

The Birds And The Bees

The Blarney Roses

The Bomp

The Boy Does Nothing

The Climb

The Club Is Alive

The Cool Cats!

The Dance 

The Dancing Tree

The Flute

The Fox Linedance

The Good Life

The Great Waltz

The Kinser Influence

The Lemon Tree

The Little Shirt  

The Night Is Ours

The Note

The Other Side (Wow Hawaii)

The Peaceful Valley

The Queen

The Rain Came Down

The Rain Has Gone

The Remix

The Smell Of Your Sweet Perfume

The Sound Of Silence

The Stroma Dance 

The Tango Project

The Thrill Is Gone

The Thunderer

The Waiting Game

The Way

The Way To Your Heart

The Way You Look (Craig Bennett)

The Way You Look (Darren B, Fred W & Raymond S.)

The Wheel Of Fortune Is Turning

The wild Life

There Goes My Baby

These Castle Walls

Thinkin' Country

This Is A Mans World 

This Is How We Roll

This Is Me

This Is Your Song

This Little Light

This Ole Boy

Those Applebottom Jeans

Those Were The Days

Thousands Of Songs

Threw It Away

Through The Fire

Throw Away The Key

Throw The Dice

Tic Tac

Tick Tock Two

Ticket To The Blues!

Tickle Mix


Tie A Yellow Ribbon

Till The Diggy Dawn 

Time Bomb

Time In A Bottle

Times To Come

Tippy Tippy Toes



To Eternity!

To Infinity And Beyond 

To Love Somebody

To The Back 


Together We Dance

Together We Will Be!

Tomorrow Will Be Kinder


Tonight (Roy H. & Raymond S.)

Too Blind To See

Too Close For Comfort

Too Close To Love

Too Deep

Too Much Booty Shakin'

Top Of The World

Totally Nightclub 

Totoy Bibbo

Touch The Wind (Eres Tú)


Treat Me Right



Triple Play

Triple X

Trouble Is   

Trouble With My Baby


Trouble To Me

Trouble To Me EZ

True Love Two Step

Trust Me

Try To Remember

Try Try Try

Tu Amor

Tuesday Blues


Tumbling Rush

Turn It Up 

Turn Me Loose

Turn The Beat Around

Turn To You

Tush Push


Twist Twist Twist

Twisted Sister

U Turn 


Unconditionally Yours 

Under The Mango Tree

Under The Moon Of Love

Under The Sun  



Unlock My Heart


Unmistakable (Darren Bailey)

Uno, Dos, Tres

Up All Night

Up Up Up 

Upside Down For Starters 

Uptown Funk

Uptown Funk EZ 

Vegas Baby!


Vision Of Love

Viva La Rumba

Viva La Vida

Voices That Care

Voodoo Jive

Voodoo Me Baby

Wade in the Water

Wagon Wheel Rock

Wait A Minute


Waiting So Long 

Waka Waka

Wake Up Little Susie

Wakey Wakey

Wakilah Cha

Waking Up


Walk Alone

Walk With Me 

Walking Away

Walking On Air

Walking On Air (Simon & Amy)

Walking On Fire 

Waltz N Smile

Waltzing at Twilight

Wanna Be Contigo

Wanna Be Elvis

Wanna Be Where You Are 

Wanna Dance

Wanna Fly

Wanna Wanna Woop

Want You In My Life

Watch It Burn

Water Under The Bridge

Way Down We Go

We Believe 

We No Speak Americano

We On Fire

We Only Live Once

Wearing Your Jeans

Wee Yolanda


Well Do Ya?

We're Not Broken

West Texas Waltz


Whatjado That Fo'

What U Waiting For 

What A Feeling!

What A Thrill

What Am I To You

What Are Words

What Happens On The Dance Floor

What If ?? 

What If I

What Will It Be 

Whataya Want from Me 

What's Cooking?

What's The Deal?

When A Man Loves A Woman

When I Cry

When I Need You

When I Was Your Man When I'm 64

When You Believe

When You Love Someone

When You Tell Me 

When The Teardrops Fall

Where We Belong

When Will I Be Loved

When Will You Be Mine?

When You Say My Name

When You Wish Upon A Star

Where Have You Gone

Wherever I Go

Wherever Would I Be 

Whip It


Whiter Than White

Who Did You Call Darlin'

Who Else But You

Whole Lotta Peppas

Why Do I Love You

Why Oh Why

Why So Serious?? 

Wicked Echoes 

Wildest Dreams

Will You Be There For Me

Will You Call Me? 

Will... You... Marry Me?

Will You Still Love Me  

Win The Race 

Window Shopping

Windy City Waltz

Wish I Was

Without Fire

Without You (Will Craig) 

Without You


Wom Bom Bom

Woman In Love

Woman Up


Won't Tell A Soul

Won't You Stay


Wonder Train


Wonderland Waltz 

Work From Home

World Peace

Worth It

Would Ya

Would You Go With Me

Wow Tokyo

Wrapped Up

Write Your Name

Written In The Stars 

Wrong Side Of The Road

Wrong Side Slide

WTF (What The France)

Yeeeee Haaaaa


Yes You Won't

Yes Sir, That's My Baby 

You And I 

You Are The Best 

You Can Do Magic

You Knock Me Down

You Know Me 

You Make The Rain Fall

You'll Be Okay

Young & Stupid

Young Blood

You're Not The Boss Of Me!!!

You're Amazing 

You're My Sunshine  

You're My Baby Girl 

You're My Destiny

You're My World

Your Heaven!

Your Head Phones

Your Last Day

Your Moment Is Here

Your Place or Mine

Your Women

Your World



Zjozzys Funk


Zydeco Lady

Zydeco Waltz

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