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Dances taught
by SnK Line Dance

Hyperlinks to step sheet are not working because of the 

migration to new hosting. Please use Copperknob or websites listed in SnK Links page to find the step sheet you need. Thank you for your understanding.

F, G


Faith & Desire 

Faith In Love


Faking It

Fall Apart 

Fall In Love

Fallin' Up


Falling Rain

Fancy Footwork

Fangbanger's Cha

Far From The Tree


Fairy Tales & Love Songs.....Whatever!!!

Fall For You

Fault Line

Feed The Fetish


Feel Good

Feel The Cha

Feel The Light

Feel This Moment

Feel Your Love 

Feeling Hot

Feet To The Rhythm 


Fiesta Cha Cha

Fill In The Blank

Find It In

Fine By Me

Finish What We Started


Fire On Ice


First To Let Go

First Waltz

Flirting Scholar




Fly Like A Bird

Flying Without Wings

Folla Me To Da Floor

Follow Me

Follow Me Home

Food Chain 

Foot Play

Footprints In The Sand

Footprints On The Water


For All Seasons

For The First Time 

For The Good Times 



Fortune Foxtrot 

Foxy Girl


Freak A Little More

Freaky Skillz 

Free Fallin'


Friends Like Mine

From Latin With Love

From Russia With Love

From The Other Side

Frozen Heart

Fujiyama Mama

Fun In The Sun

Funk N Feel It

Funk Shui

Galway Girls

Gambling Man

Games People Play 

Gave It All Away 

Geek In The Pink


Georgie Girl

Get Closer

Get It Bae

Get My Name

Get Out The Kitchen

Get Over You

Get Ready

Get Ugly

Get Your Shoes On


Ghost Train

Girl Crush

Girl Power

Girl Watcher

Girls Like

Give It A Go

Gleeful Waltz

Gleefully There

Go Jaded

Go Johnny 

Go Mama Go

Go Seven

Go Shanty

Go To Work

Go With The Flow!

Going It Alone 


Gold Watch

Gonna Love You Til The End

Good Girl (Craig Bennett) 

Good Girls 

Good Hearted Woman

Good Kiss

Good Time

Good Time Girls


Goodbye Cha

Goodbye Kiss

Gossip Girl 

Got My Baby Back

Got My Eyes On You!

Gotcha Where I Want Ya

Gotta Be Somebody

Gotta Get 2U

Gotta Hitch

Grace Kelly

Greater Than Me

Grown Man

Guardian Angel

Guess It's Over

Gypsy Queen

Gypsy Rose

H, I

Had A Bad Day 


Half Past Nothin'



Hands Up 

Hard To Say It!

Hard Work

Harden Up Princess

Hasta Manana



Have Fun Go Mad 

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Have You Never Been Mellow

Head Phones

Head Over Heels

Heads Up! 

Heart In My Hand

Heart Of An Angel

Heart Skips A Beat

Heartbreaking Time

Heaven On Earth

Heavenly Cha

Heavy On My Heart!

Hell If I 


Hello Dolly 

Hello, Hi, Goodbye

Hello My Love

Help Me Make It

Here Comes The Sunshine  

Here It Is

Here 'Til The End 

Here's Looking At You Kid 


Hey Boy

Hey Bruce

Hey Go

Hey, Hey, Hey

Hey Love

Hey Mama 

Hey People

Hey Samba

Hey Soul Sister 

Hi-A-Ma Cha

Hideaway Cha

High On Loving You

Higher and Higher

His Only Need

Hit It Up!

Hit The Floor


Hold My Hand   

Hold On, Be Strong

Hold On Tight

Holding A Dream

Holding On To Yesterday 

Holiday In Spain

Holler Oh Babe!


Homeward Bound

Honey Honey Don't Stop

Honey Pie

Honey Pot


Hot Dancefloor

Hot Tamales

Hot Tamales Jr.

Hot & Hazy 

(You're Making Me) Hot, Hot, Hot 


How I Feel

How I Want Ya

How You Like It!

How You Love Me

Hully Gully Dreamin'

Human After All


Hurry Up And Wait 

Hurry Up Love Me

Hurt Me Carefully

Hurt Me So


Hurts Instead 

Hush Hush 

Hustle Bustle  


Hypnotized (Shaz) 

Hypnotized (Darren, Fred & Raymond)

I Ain't Never

I Am Afraid

I Am A Man Like This

I Am Who I Am

I Belong To You 


I Came To Love You

I Can't Do This

I Can't Make You Love Me

I Dance

I Did

I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do

I Don't Believe You

I Fee Like Screaming

I Guess I'm Loving You

I Gotta Feeling

I Hate This Part

I Held Your Hand

I Hope You Find It!

I Like It, I Like It

I Just Called To Say

I Just Can't Let You Go

I Just Wanna

I Know What You Did Last Summer

I Love A Rainy Night

I Love It

I Need A Man

I Need To Know 

I Promise You

I Remember

I Run To You

I Said I Love You

I Saw Linda Yesterday

I Scream

I Thank You

I Told You So

I Wanna

I Want You

I Won't Be Crying

I, J, K

Ice Breaker

If Heaven

If I...

If I Could Change 

If I Don't

If I Had You

If I Had Wings

If I Wuz U

If We Ever Meet Again

If You Are

If You Were Mine

I'll Still Love You More

I'll Wait For You

I'll Walk With You

I'm Alive

I'm Coming Over

I'm In Love

I'm In Love With You

I'm Mad

I'm Movin On

I'm No Good

I'm Waiting For You

I'm Yours

Imelda's Man

Imelda's Way

Impossible Babe

In Another Life

In Between

In Control

In My Arms Again

In My Heart

In The Air Tonight

In The Closet

Innocence Or Compromise


Inside Out

Inside Your Heaven



Into The Sunset


Invitation To Dance

Irish Spirit

Irish Stew


Is It Desire?

Is It Over

Is It So

Is It Too Late?

Islands In The Stream

Isle Of Paradise

Isn't She Lovely


It Don't Matter

It Hurts


It's A Heartache

It's Amazing

It's Goin' Round Round

It's High Time

It's Murda

It's Up To You

Ivory Towers

J Ho

J&M Mambo

Jamaican Love


Japanese Rumba 

Jazzy Girl

Jemima's Waltz

Jenkins Sisters' Jam

Jesse James

Jig It Up

Jo 'N Jo Tango

Johnny "Be Good"

Journey To The Stars

Judy Likes to Rock!

Jump In Da Line

Jump On A Ride

Jump The Gun

Jumpin' The Gun 

Jumpin Up

Just A Game 

Just A Little Love

Just Be (Darren B. & Fred W.)

Just Be (Craig B.)

Just Can't Stop

Just Dance Away 

Just Enjoy

Just Go

Just Once

Just One Reason

Just The Way I Are


K Step Boogie

KD Cha

Kabu Kaboem

Keep Me Alive

Keep Dancing All Night

Keep It Burning

Keep It Groovin

Keep It Movin'

Key Lime


Kick A Little Dirt Around

Kickin' Back 2013

Killing Me Softly With His Song (Rhoda Lai)

Killing Me Softly With His Song (NC&VT)

Kinda Busy 

Kinda Gentle

King Of The World

Kings'n Queens

Kiss Me Quick

Kiss The Sky

Kiss The Stars

Kiss You

Kisses on the Bottom

Kitty Cat

Knockin' On Wood

Know Me By Now



Kuduro Dance

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