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Recent Dances Taught 

*: re-teach

May 2023



I Would For You (Niels Poulsen)

Little Heartbreak (Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk)

If You Believe (Gary O'Reilly)



Get On My Love (Shane McKeever)

Dive In Deep (Fred Whitehouse)

The Last Hurrah (Roy Hadisubroto , Fiona Murray, Simon Ward & Maddison Glover)

Best To Come (Guillaume Richard)

Faded Dreams (Maddison Glover, Simon Ward & Fred Whitehouse)

Keep This Feeling (Darren Bailey)

Come Around Again (Jason Takahashi)

If I Fall (José Miguel Belloque Vane)

Wreckage (Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever)

Beautiful World (Fred Whitehouse)

Regrets (Maggie Gallagher)

April 2023



Sexy Mona Lisa (Niels Poulsen)

*The Queen (Rémi Lemaire , Guillaume Richard & Gaëtan Bachellerie)



Let Me Back In (Chris Jacques)

Yemaya (Ria Vos)

Matoma Power (Gary O'Reilly)

Jhoome (aka Swing) (Mark Furnell & Chris Godden)

We Feel Like Dancing (Marlon Ronkes & Romain Brasme)

Stronger In My Mind (Raymond Sarlemijn & Roy Verdonk)

Eyes Closed (Maggie Gallagher (UK) & Gary O'Reilly)

Out Of My Head (Niels Poulsen)

Hill Of Hope (Roy Hadisubroto , Fiona Murray, Maddison Glover & Niels Poulsen)

Right Girl Wrong Time (Darren Bailey)

Words Still Hurt (Fred Whitehouse)

March 2023


Knees Are Trembling (Ria Vos)



Airs and Graces (Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto)

Sexy Body (Dustin Betts  & Cody Flowers)

Hurts My Soul (Niels Pouslen)

You Are My Sunshine (Alison Johnstone)

3 Tequila Floor (Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski )

Always (Dustin Betts)

Show Me (Joey Warren)


Feb 2023


Drinkaby (Rachael McEnaney)

I Will Carry You (Kate Sala)

*L-O-V-E (Kathy Chang)

Big Spender (Julia Wetzel)


Players (Garry O'Reilly)

Happy For You (Joey Warren)

Every Man's Dream (Fred Whitehouse)

*Leave A Light On (Guillaume Richard)

Soul Ya (Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto)

Blow You Mind! (Ryan Hunt)

Run With Me (Neville Fitzgerald  & Julie Harris)

Swing All Night (Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever)

Where Nowhere Is (Rachael McEnaney)

Devil in a Dress (Niels Poulsen)


Jan 2023


Crowded Mind (Shane McKeever & Niels Poulsen)

Give Me Your Tempo (Nathan Gardiner)


Crystal Cha (Maddison Glover & Simon Ward)

Love Yourself (Ria Vos)

Strictly Unholy (Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto)

Everyone Needs a Hero (Roy Verdonk, Grace David  & Jef Camps)

Netflix & Chill (Mark Furnell  & Chris Godden)

*Time To Surrender (Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward)

Make You Swing (Roy Verdonk , Jef Camps  & Annette R. Dam)

Spicy Margarita ((Fred Whitehouse & Jean-Pierre Madge)

*Corazon Diamante (Roy Verdonk , Maggie Gallagher  & Gary O'Reilly)

Coming Back Stronger (Shane McKeever)


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